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Ioannis is a Greek professional photographer and writer based in Italy. After a long experience in creative commercial shooting, he dedicated himself exclusively to the natural history photography contributing with articles and pictures to several Italian and European magazines related on nature, photography and travel. He’s author of 8 books. His nature pictures have been awarded repeatedly in prestigious international nature photography contests.
He teaches Nature Photography in the Padua University and in private workshops. He’s actually art director of the Asferico, the official magazine of the Italian Association of Nature Photographers (A.F.N.I).

selected magazines & clients

NaturFoto (Germany), Oasis (Italy), Chasseur d’Image (France), Itinerari & Luoghi (Italy),Viaggiando (Italy), Giardinaggio (Italy), Asferico (Italy), Tutti Fotografi (Italy), B+W Photography (UK), White Star Publisher (Italy), University of Padova (Italy), University of Naples (Italy), Idrobiological Station of Rhodes (Greece), University of Venice – Faculty of Architecture (Italy).


GDT (Germany), IGPOTY (UK), Glantzlichter (Germany), Asferico (Italy), ML competition (Spain)


CHLORIS, Medias, 2016, Naples, Italy, co-author R. Pagano, text by A. Minelli, dual-language, English, Italian
NATURE IN LESVOS, Medias, Naples, Italy, 2014, co-author R. Pagano, dual-language, English, German
LA FOTOGRAFIA DELLA NATURA – Arte e Tecnica, Adle Publishing, Padova, Italy, 2011, text and pictures
L’ORTO BOTANICO DI NAPOLI, Fridericiana, Naples, Italy, 2011, pictures, co-author R. Pagano
I SEGRETI DELLE PIANTE, Edizioni Input, Vicenza, Italy, 2008, pictures
L’ORTO BOTANICO DI PADOVA, Input, Vicenza, Italy, 2007, text and pictures, co-authors Prof.ssa E.M. Cappelletti, Prof.ssa F.R. Chiesura, Dott. G. Cassina
VISIONS OF NATURE, Input, Vicenza, Italy, 2007 (edited by)
NATURAE, Input, Vicenza, Italy, 2006, text and pictures
COLLI EUGANEI – Isole di Natura, Input, Vicenza, 2006, in English, German, Italian, text and pictures
DELTA DEL PO – Itinerari naturalistici, Tamari Ed., Padova, Italy, 1998, text and pictures, co-author M. Basso
RHODES – The valley of the butterflies, Korfì, Athens, Greece, 1994, in English, German, Italian, Greek, text and pictures
NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY, Korfi, Athens, Greece, 1993, text and pictures (Greek language)